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Double-faced Fox (2020)

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Demons began to incite troubles in the Yunsheng Dynasty. On his deathbed, the emperor ordered Princess Shengning would marry condescendingly Fulong General Bai Yi. Later, the princess asked to call off the engagement, but failed. The princess tried to elope with Prince Rui, but was caught by Bai Yi. She then threatened to commit suicide to force Bai Yi to move out of her bedroom. After being rescued by Bai Yi from the hands of the demons, the princess found herself in love with him, and took the initiative to ask the general to lie on her bed, but was rejected. In order to save the princess from the Tail Fire Tiger, Bai Yi finally lost his life. Holding his ashes, the princess was ready to end her own life.

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Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Durasi: 67 Min

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